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StarGames Skill Game Website Introduction

StarGames is quite a new online gaming site and not only allows people to play skill games online for money but enables people to play online poker, bingo, and casino games.

The StarGames site has a huge membership base because it offers so many different styles of games, giving you lots of choice when it comes to online entertainment. You can easily play bingo, poker or casino games as well as the many skill games that are available to play.

StarGames doesn't compromise on any of the skill games quality by offering so many other services, and they have quite a few different skill games that you can play directly on their website. You don't need to download any software, you can just play on the site whenever you feel like it.

At StarGames you can choose to compete one on one against other players, wagering a set amount before the game begins, or alternatively you can choose to compete in tournaments where you pay an entry fee and the winner is the person with the highest score at the end of a set period of time. In a tournament you can usually win more money, but you can also risk quite a bit by playing one on one which enables you to win money in a far more direct way, with no waiting around.

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Making Money Playing Skill Games On StarGames

The StarGames website doesn't quite offer as many different kinds of skill games as you might find on a site like At StarGames the skill game categories are card games, board games, arcade games and sports games. There are only about 4 arcade games and 3 sport games whereas there are 6 board games and 23 card games, so there is an obvious prefence towards card games on the site.

The games that the StarGames website does offer however are all of very high quality and are highly enjoyable. To get started on the website you simply register an account, which is free to do, and then login to your account. Select a game category, and then find a game that you would like to play. Select the game and you will be taken to a page containing a games room where you can choose to join another game or set up your own. You can choose how much money you would like to wager, and then the opponent will accept your offer (or might reject it in which case they will find another game to join) and then the winner of the game will receive the total money minus any commission taken by StarGames.

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Payment Methods Accepted

You can deposit money to your StarGames account using the following:

Credit & Debit Cards.



Money Bookers.


You can withdraw money from your StarGames account using the following:

Credit & Debit Cards.



Money Bookers.


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