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Play 89 Skill Game Website Introduction

Play 89 is an online skill game website which specialises in just one game - pool. The website allows players from all around the world to log on and compete against each other at the pool table, with the winner receiving a cash prize.

The game pool is very popular, especially online, as it can simply be replicated using game software. Playing two player is very simple, and yet very addictive. The pool table is shown from above, in 2D mode, and you can still play very effectively with this view.

Play 89 is currently the world's largest online pool game, with millions of players registered worldwide. At the time of writing this article there is even 3305 users online playing pool at Play 89, which is a very large amount which shows that it is popular at all times of the day.

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Making Money Playing Pool At Play 89

To start playing pool for cash at the Play 89 you simply need to download the software from their website and install it onto your computer. Register at the site for a free account, and then log on to the program after it has been run.

The installed program will connect you to a server at the Play 89 website, and will enable you to connect to other users from the Play 89 site. Find a table to join, and then start playing pool against your opponent. The winner will receive the cash prize that is available.

You will pay a small entry fee into each cash pool game in program, and this cash makes up part of the prize fund money which you can win by beating your opponent at pool. Play 89 also takes some of the money to cover their own website costs.

Screenshots Of Play 89 Skill Games

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Payment Methods Accepted

You can deposit money to your Play 89 account using the following:

Credit & Debit Cards.



Money Bookers.


You can withdraw money from your Play 89 account using the following:

Credit & Debit Cards.



Money Bookers.


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