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Play 65 Skill Game Website Introduction

Play 65 is another paid skill game website, and is very similar to the Play 89 website though instead of specialising on pool it specialises on the popular Backgammon game.

Backgammon is an immensely popular game, and makes the transition to an online computer version very well. It also has an immense cult following, and the Play 65 site provides an excellent platform for users from around the world to meet up and play the game over the Internet, competing for cash prizes.

The Play 65 set up is very similar to the Play 65 website. You simply log on to the website, register a free account and download the Play 65 software which will enable you to play Backgammon online for money.

Install the software which you downloaded, and then run it. You should be able to connect to the Play 65 server and view all the possible Backgammon games that you can join.

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Making Money Playing Backgammon On Play 65

If you want to play Backgammon for cash on the Play 65 site you will need to make a cash deposit into your account. Then find a cash game on the software, pay your entrance fee, and then start playing. The winner of the Backgammon game will win whatever money is available to win.

At the Play 65 site you can compete one on one against Backgammon players to win a pre-determined set amount of money, or you can compete in larger tournaments with more player and far higher value prizes. You will have to pay a larger fee to enter the tournament, but it will give you the chance to win a large amount of cash.

Screenshots Of Play 65 Skill Games

play back gammon online for cash prizes make money playing backgammon online


Payment Methods Accepted

You can deposit money to your Play 65 account using the following:

Credit & Debit Cards.



Money Bookers.


You can withdraw money from your Play 65 account using the following:

Credit & Debit Cards.



Money Bookers.


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