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PAF Website Introduction

PAF is another of the biggest online skill gaming websites, started as a traditional gaming company in the 1960s and moving into internet gaming in the 1990s. PAF is set up in the Baltics and gives away a lot of their profits to charities, loans, and grants to what they determine to be good causes. They have given away millions of euros so far, so if you like the idea that even when you don't win the money still goes to a good cause, this could be a place for you.

At PAF, there are a few games you can play in a free demo mode as a practice player. You can do this if you just want to have some fun, and when you get used to how the system works you can fund your account and play for money. When playing for free you won't actually be able to win money at all, but you can still practice and have fun playing for free. This can be a very handy way of learning the ins-and-outs of the games available at PAF, before pitting your skills against other potential real opponents. Then when you feel you can play the game well and get a high score, you can play for cash prizes.

PAF has huge jackpots with many of their games, giving you the change to win over 100000 Euro. Some jackpots are even over 1 million Euro! So go over to PAF and check out their games and see if you have the skill to win a huge jackpot.





Making Money Playing PAF Skill Games

There are many slots games, video poker, bingo, lottery, backgammon, poker, casino games, and more at PAF. There are hundreds of games in total to choose from on the PAF website.

There are many single player and multiplayer games at PAF. Also, there are live casino games available for play on the PAF website.

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Payment Methods Accepted

You can deposit money to your PAF account using the following:



You can withdraw money from your PAF account using the following:




Bank Transfer.

Moneybookers / Skrill.



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