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Kwari cash skill game

Kwari Game Introduction

Kwari is being dubbed as one of the next big things in terms of online skill gaming. Kwari is a first-person-shooter style game, and is played online against other gamers. With Kwari you can earn money for every in-game kill that you are able to rack up. This means you are getting paid to play the Kwari online fps game.
Although the Kwari game hasn't officially been released, it will soon be available to play within the next few months.

Kwari is completely free to download, and is available directly from the Kwari website. When the game has been released it will be simple to get started playing; simply visit the website, create an account and download the program software. You will then run the software directly on your computer, and connect to the Kwari game servers. You will then be able to play online against other Kwari gamers, competing for cash prizes.

Kwari is very unique from other cash skill games, and is one of only a few first person shooter games that can be played to make money online. The first person style game genre is already incredibly popular online, as has been proved with games like Counter Strike - where millions of users play games online, competing in death-matches or tournaments online. This game is purchased in the shop for a set price, and then the players are able to play online against other gamers. Kwari is very different because it will be completely free to obtain - and you will be able to make money playing the game. If millions of people currently play other first person shooters online just for the fun of it, imagine how many people are going to be playing Kwari - where you can get paid for every kill that you manage.

Kwari will not be completely free to play for cash - you will have to pay a certain amount of money to receive ammo to use in the game. This money will be used by Kwari to cover costs of servers and other administration involved with the game. The money will also be used to fund gamers, who will be earning money for the kills that they manage.

Making Money Playing Kwari

It is not completely clear about all of the ways that you will be able to make money playing Kwari - it is certain that you will be able to earn cash for every kill that you manage in death match mode, but there may be other options to earn cash during the game. This could involve team-multiplayer games such as capture the flag - with the winning team receiving an amount of money which is divided amongst the team.

The Kwari game so far looks very detailed and exciting; with the in-game screenshots showing some futuristic style levels and game play. Another interesting feature is the cash meter which will be viewable from the first person shooter view, where the usual options such as ammo/current weapon choice are also shown. This will be a great incentive for people to play the game to the highest of their abilities, trying their best to kill other gamers and to make lots of money playing Kwari.

Screenshots Of Kwari Game

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Kwari Website

Currently the Kwari paid first person shooter game is still unreleased, so it is unavailable to join or play. We will update this page when Kwari has been officially released.

Update On Kwari

Unfortunately if you are reading this now then you are too late to get to try out the Kwari game - the company behind Kwari went into receivership not long after the game went live, and so you will not be able to play it. However, according to the Kwari website there could currently be another game in development. We will keep this page updated with any news regarding the now extinct Kwari, and any new versions of the game.


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