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King Skill Game Website Introduction

King is the most popular online skill game website, with millions of registered players worldwide. Although the site has only been around for a few years, it has still managed to establish itself as the number one online skill game site.

Users can register at King for free and compete against other online gamers for points or cash prizes. By making a cash deposit at the King website, you are allowed to play games for free - to practise before risking any money. After you feel comfortable playing a game and think you can play it quite well and receive quite a good score, you will probably want to try and win cash by playing against other users on the website.

King Skill Games

Most of the games on the King skill game website are arcade type games, that have been created specifically for the King website. The games are all played online, directly on the King website. Most of the games use Javascript Or Flash, so you will need to make sure you have one of the latest compatible versions before you are able to play games on the King skill game website.

The games on the King gaming site are all very addictive and are really quite basic - anyone can have a go at playing them, they are hardly complex or involving. Most skill games simply use the mouse and maybe a keyboard button or two. The games are very addictive and will probably have you playing over and over to try and beat your own high score, or beat the score set by other gamers.

Before trying to play skill games for cash on the King website, it is highly recommended that you play a lot of free games as practise. A lot of the skill games have bonuses and other secrets that you probably won't be aware of until playing a game for 5 times or so, and there's no point playing for cash as you will have less of a chance of winning. Practise makes perfect, so be sure to play a lot of times on the free versions of games. When playing for free, you won't have to pay any money for entry into a 2 way competition with another King gamer. You will still be able to compete with other gamers, but this time for free. This is a good way of judging the other kind of scores that players are able to get. Compare your own game score with theirs - and try and play a variety of different people. This way you can try and judge an 'average' sort of score amongst players on a certain game. When you can comfortably beat this average score, you will know that you are ready to play games for cash. You can also try and keep an eye on any of the high score charts that are available for certain games, so that you know whether you are playing well or not. This can help to save you money - you don't want to be playing games for cash when you are going to be losing all the time.

Another recommendation is that upon joining the King skill gaming website for the first time, have a look around at all of the games that are available. Find a game that you enjoy playing - you might have to make a cash deposit before you are able to play any games in the free practise mode. This is well worth doing, because then it enables you to try the entire King skill games for free. Find a game that you enjoy playing, understand the rules of, and then try and play the game over and over. By specialising in one game, you will be improving your own chances of winning the game - and thus making more money from winning the cash prizes on offer. - Onlinegames





Making Money Playing King Skill Games

When you decide to start playing skill games at King for money, the entry fee for the game in question varies according to the version of the game that you are playing. Sometimes you can play a game in 2 player mode - you will be charged around 35 pence to play the game. The other player will also be charged around 35 pence. The winner will receive around 65 pence - with the other remaining cash going to King for administration costs. If you are playing 3 or 4 player you might have to pay a little more money to enter the cash skill game competition, but you will be able to win more prize money at the end.

There will also be other game versions to play for cash prizes - with far more entrants and a far higher payout rate. A league chart will be created which will contain all the scores from all the competitors. Usually the top 3 or 5 players will win cash prizes, with the money available increasing the better your position in the scores league.


Screenshots Of King Skill Games

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Payment Methods Accepted

You can deposit money to your King account using the following:

Credit Cards - Visa, Master Card, Diners Club, Switch, Solo, Visa Delta, Visa Elektron, Laser and JCB.


BT click & buy.

Bank Transfer.



You can withdraw money from your King account using the following:


*You will be charged £1 to withdraw money to your Paypal account


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