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Get Me Gaming Skill Game Website Introduction

Get Me Gaming is another new online skill game website, which is at the moment only based at the United Kingdom market. The Get Me Gaming site allows people to play skill games online for free, with the chance of winning various cash prizes. Most online skill game websites that give out money prizes usually charge some kind of entry or membership fee, but Get Me Gaming is completely free to join and use, and yet you can still make money playing their games.

Get Me Gaming is brought to you by the same people that brought you the very popular and established Get Me A Ticket website, as well as the less-established Get Me A Quiz website. These websites are both very similar to the Get Me Gaming website - they offer free prizes and gifts to people who enter their free quizzes and competitions.

By now you are probably wondering how the Get Me Gaming website is able to give out free cash and prizes for people who compete in their free skill games. The answer is the same for the Get Me A Ticket and Get Me A Quiz websites - the site will occasionally ask you market research type questions; and this is how the Get Me. brand is able to make money from its members.

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Make Money From Get Me Gaming

At Get Me Gaming, for every skill game that you participate in which has a possibility of winning a cash prize, you will be asked some survey style questions by a company that is affiliated to the Get Me Gaming website. The company that is gathering the market research will be paying the Get Me Gaming site a set amount of money - and this is how Get Me Gaming are able to pay you money for winning skill games on their website.

The games are available to play directly on the Get Me Gaming website, as you will only need JavaScript installed on your computer to be able to play the games online. You won't need to download any kind of software; you can simply browse to the Get Me Gaming site, log in, and start playing games for cash.

Currently there are only a handful of skill games available to play on the Get Me Gaming website, though this is set to be changed in the near future. The games that are available are; Brix (a tetris clone), Frozen Bubble (a bust-a-move style game), Fantastic Fur (a shooting game) and Celebrity Pairs (a simple pairs card style game). There are also quizzes and competitions to play on the Get Me Gaming website.

When you find a game that you would like to play, you can have a go and try beating the high scores that have been set by other players. A high-scores league table is created for all the games at the website, and at the end of a set period of time, if you are the top scorer, you will win the cash prize that is on offer. Usually first prize is 5 and second prize is 2.

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