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Game Village Website Introduction

Game Village is another relatively new online paid skill game website, allowing players from all around the world to compete online for cash and other various prizes that are available.

Although there aren't too many games available to play on the Game Village website, they are all still very fun and addictive to play. You can play games for free on the website once you have opened an account, and you can also play for cash against other gamers.

To be able to play games on the Game Village website you simply need to make a cash deposit in to your Game Village account. Then when you play for money you will be charged an entry fee into the game, where the winner will receive the money paid by the other player, as well as their own entry fee. Some of the entry fees paid will be taken out by the Game Village website, who will keep some of the money to pay for website costs.

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Make Money Playing Game Village Skill Games

When playing games on the Game Village site you can also earn tokens. These tokens can be used in prize draws that run during the week, allowing you to have a chance to win money and prizes. These tokens can also be gambled in other online skill games on the Game Village site, enabling you to try and win more tokens and improve your chances of winning prizes and money.

Game Village also has a large section devoted to the community aspect of the skill gaming site, where users can chat and interact with each other online. The Game Village site currently has around 20,000 active users, a figure which is listed no the homepage of the website and is always growing. At Game Village instead of getting a 'profile' you get a 'house'. All of the houses build up to create a street, or a road, or a village - hence the name Game Village. Other members on the game are also referred to as 'neighbours'.

Screenshots Of Game Village Skill Games

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Payment Methods Accepted

You can deposit money to your Game Village account using the following:

Credit & Debit Cards - Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Solo, Maestro, Delta



You can withdraw money from your Game Village account using the following:

Credit & Debit Cards.



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