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Game Duell Website Introduction

Game Duell is another of the biggest online skill gaming websites, set up in December 2003 it has become one of the largest skill games on the Internet, competing with the likes of King and World Winner. There are more than 70 games to play, the site is available in 7 languages, and Gameduell claims to have more than 80 million game installations and players from all over the world, competing against each other to win cash prizes online.

At Game Duell you can simply open a free account call a "practice player" account and start playing skill games against other players for free. When playing for free you won't actually be able to win money at all, but you can still practise and have fun playing for free. This can be a very handy way of learning the ins-and-outs of the games available at Game Duell, and to pit your skills against other potential real opponents. Then when you feel you can play the game well and get a high score, you can play for cash prizes.

Most online skill games will request a cash deposit before being able to play games on their website in a free (practise mode). However, Game Duell is different, so even if you don't want to play games online to make money, you can still just play online for the fun of it against other free gamers.

When playing a game for cash you will pay a small admission fee to enter the match. You will be playing against another Game Duell member, and the person who gets the highest score from the game will win the prize money. The prize money available is usually the combined amount from the entrance fees paid, minus a token amount Game Duell keeps to host the game server and other game costs.

Game Duell also has an emphasis on the social side of gaming online, allowing members to interact with other members by sending messages or using the available chat rooms. Thousands of members use the Game Duell everyday, so there will be plenty of other players to interact with when you aren't busy playing games for cash.





Making Money Playing Game Duell Skill Games

There are 49 games in total to choose from on the Game Duell website. This includes Solitaire, FreeCell, Hearts, Jungle Jewels, MahJong, 9-Ball (Pool), 8-Ball (Pool), and Word Twist (a logic puzzle game) to name a few. In multiplayer mode you will be playing real-time against other online gamers on the Game Duell site. The winner in multiplayer mode will be the player with the highest score. There are single player, multiplayer, and jackpot modes of play.

Currently there are many single player games available to play on the site. When playing single player games for cash, you will be able to play the skill game and set your best score. Then it will be up for another gamer to try and beat your score. The winner will receive the cash prize available.

In jackpot mode, there is a large prize and an unlimited number of players. The jackpot rises along with the number of players participating, and has a specific start and end time. You can enter a jackpot game as many times as you like to improve your score and chances of winning, but each entry costs you an entry fee.

Screenshots Of Game Duell Skill Games

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Payment Methods Accepted

You can deposit money to your Game Duell account using the following:



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