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Bring It Introduction

Bring It is a relatively new website but has been hugely popular so far with many thousands of people signing up to take advantage of their exciting money making opportunities. Whereas the other first person shooter websites mentioned on our site host their own specific game, with people playing it directly on their website and competing with other gamers (until both sites were shut down), Bring It is completely different as it simply acts as a way of meeting and challenging other people to play any computer games that you choose, on a PC or any games consoles.

The idea of Bring It is that you visit the website, sign up as a member which is free, and then you post a message on the site saying that you want to play a game (whatever game you choose) and that you will wager a certain amount of money. Another person hopefully sees your challenge and wants to accept it, and so they will meet the wager and then you will both go and play this game. The money that you have both wagered will be paid to the winner of the game, and Bring It will need evidence of who has won that game.

Bring It is an exciting new idea for an online gaming site because it enables you to play whatever game you choose (as long as it is a game where 2 people can compete in a certain mode). You are no longer limited to playing second rate games on servers provided by the gaming site - all you need is a games console with access to the Internet and away you go. For example, perhaps you have an Xbox 360 which is connected to the Internet. You think you are pretty good at playing Call Of Duty so you fancy gambling some money on the outcome of a game between you and someone else. You go to the Bring It website, sign in, and go to the challenge room and state that you are willing to bet £5 that you can beat someone at Call Of Duty. You then both arrange a time to play and set up a private match between you both over the Internet on your Xbox 360. You both pay £5 to Bring It who provide an Escrow account - which means that they hold the money so that later when the game is finished they can send all of the money to the winner. This is to prevent people from cheating the system and withdrawing money from their account to safe themselves from having to pay any out to the winner. Once the game has been played the winner will need to proove that they have won the match - this can be done by providing a link to the room, or taking a photograph of the screen showing that you have won, or by using the games Auto Score Reporting where available.

play call of duty for money win money playing fifa at bring it

When you make a challenge and both parties send their money to Bring It for them to hold until the winner is declared, Bring It will take a small percantage as a commission for themselves, this is to cover their costs for providing the service. This fee is usually a very small amount, and the exact figure will depend on the amount that has been wagered. The more money you risk, the larger the stake that Bring It takes will be, but this is a very minimal amount and you have to remember that without Bring It it wouldn't be possible to make any money at all from playing these games online.

Making Money Playing Bring It

As mentioned above, it is very easy to make money from playing Bring It. Simply choose a game that you would like to play that has Internet access, sign up to Bring It, write your challenge on the Bring It website, and wait for a response. You can play one on one against your opponent or you could play in team deathmatch style games or in tournaments with the overall winner receiving the sum of all of the entrants.

Although Bring It is listed under the first person shooter category you aren't limited to playing just FPS games. You can challenge people on Bring It to play almost any type of games, from sports to racing to music to beat 'em up style games. As long as their can be a declared winner, and as long as the game doesn't go on for too long, then the game should be fine to play on the Bring It website.

How To Earn Money At Bring It Without Playing Games

Another excellent feature on the Bring It website is the marketplace. This is where you can earn Bring It credits without actually having to risk any money in any games! If you know what a cashback website is then you will probably find it much easier to understand how this works, but basically you can earn money for signing up to offers. You can earn credits when you take advantage of free offers, join websites, pretty much when you perform any kind of "transaction" on the Internet. For example you might sign up to a free newsletter which will earn you 1 Bring It buck. You can easily earn quite a bit of money from taking advantage of the Bring It marketplace, enabling you to play for real money and make challenges when you would of otherwise had no money to risk.

What Games Can I Win Money Playing With Bring It?

Sports Video Games
Madden NFL 08
Madden NFL 09
Madden NFL 10
NCAA Football 09
NCAA Football 10
NBA Live 09
NBA Live 10
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09
NHL 09
NHL 10
UEFA Euro 08
MLB: The Show 08
MLB: The Show 09

Music Video Game Competitions
Guitar Hero: World Tour
Rock Band 2
DJ Hero

First-Person Shooter Game Battles
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2
Call of Duty World at War
Halo 3

Third-Person Shooter Games

Fighting Game Tournaments
UFC 2009
Smash Brothers Brawl
Street Fighter II
Street Fighter IV
Tekken 2

Racing Video Game Competitions
Burnout Paradise
Mario Kart
Forza Motorsport 3

If you can't find a game listed that you would like to play then you can still contact the Bring It team who can try to add your game to the website.

Screenshots Of Bring It Compatible Games

bring it games win money playing dj hero make money playing fifa win money playing halo at bring it
bring it money games win money playing nba make money from tiger woods game win money playing mario kart
Payment Methods Accepted

You can deposit money to your Bring It account using the following:

Credit Cards - Visa, Master Card, Diners Club, Switch, Solo, Visa Delta, Visa Elektron, Laser and JCB.


BT click & buy.

Bank Transfer.



You can withdraw money from your Bring It account using the following:


*You will be charged £1 to withdraw money to your Paypal account

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