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Bet On Battles Game Introduction

Bet On Battles is another unique cash skill gaming website, and is quite similar to the Kwari first person shooter online game. The website is also like other skill game websites such as King and Game Account, as you are able to compete online playing skill games, with the winner receiving cash prizes.

Bet On Battles is an online first person shooter style multiplayer game, where gamers can win money for winning games played against each other on the Bet On Battles website.

To get started playing Bet On Battles you simply need to visit the website and open a free account. Then you simply log on to the website and install the required code (a screen will pop-up helping you to do this). Once you have done this you are ready to start playing.

Currently The Bet On Battles website only has one game available to play - and luckily this is one of the best online skill games that you will be able to play. The game is in a first person shooter genre, but has great 3D style cartoon graphics. Most of the levels are set over poker tables and such. The Bet On Battles website states that new games should be available to play on their website soon, and that you should check back regularly because the new games will soon be ready. These will also be cash-skill games, enabling you to make money playing other games on their website.

The game that is available to play on the Bet On Battles website is in a death match style, with various online players competing to kill one another. The game lasts a few minutes, and the player that has racked up the most kills in this time will be the winner. Every time you get killed in the game you will be re-spawned somewhere else in the level, so luckily you won't just have to sit out the rest of the game when you have died. This is the same style as most online first person shooter games.

You can play Bet On Battles' first person shooter game for free online, in practise mode. This will enable you to build up a greater understanding of the game, which will help you in your quest to make money from playing Bet On Battles.

Making Money Playing Bet On Battles

If you decide that you would like to play at Bet On Battles to try and win money, you will need to pay a small fee to enter a cash-death match tournament. The winner of the first-person shooter game tournament will win the money paid by all other entrants, minus the administration costs which are removed by the Bet On Battles website. This money is used to fund the server and game-software costs, as well as any other costs or fees charged by Bet On Battles. The cash prizes will start at around $17 and there is a top prize of $100,000.

There is also a social-community aspect on the Bet On Battles website, with a large community section on the site that enables users to message each other and chat using the chat rooms or forums on the gaming site.

Screenshots Of Bet On Battles Game

win money playing bet on battles get paid to play first person shooter game bet on battles cash game get paid to play bet on battles



A video showing in-game footage of the Bet On Battles game.


Bet On Battles Update

Unfortunately the Bet On Battles website no longer exists and so you are unable to play this game anymore. The game wasn't a success when released and we are unsure whether the company that released it are still operating. We will keep this page updated with any news on new versions of the game, or of games that are similar to Bet On Battles.


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